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Fic: A boy made of spun sugar and spices
Fic: A boy made of spun sugar and spices
Author: sixona
Rating: pg
Summary: Freak-out time !
Disclaimer: Not real in any way, shape or form.
Pairing: adam/sauli

"You see where I'm going with this, right ?" Adam's voice and his face were both hopeful as he looked at Monte, who was seated opposite him. The din of the lunch crowd around them and the sun streaming through the windows seemed ordinary enough but somehow Monte felt like he'd been dropped into a rabbit hole.
"You're freaking out because things are going too well with Sauli. That's the general direction, right ?" Adam spread his hands and leaned back with a pleased look on his face. Monte wasted no time in wiping it off.
"Let me guess. All your girls wet themselves laughing when you tried this on them and you thought you'd fare better with a guy. Right ?" Adam buried his face in his tea and mumbled something. Monte kicked him under the table.
"They told me to man up and to put a ring on it." Monte smiled but hid it behind his coffee mug.
"That might be a little too much but the rest, yeah, that would be the direction I'd recommend." Adam shook his head and leaned his elbows on the table again.
"Come on, Monte ! There's got to be something I've missed along the way, some clue..It just can't be this easy." He shook his head again with a frown. Monte smiled at his friend. Adam was obviously floored by this Sauli guy and Monte would bet money that he was black and blue from pinching himself every five minutes.
"How big a disaster would it be if it actually were this easy ? If you really have hit the jackpot with this guy ?" Adam's eyes glazed over as he stared at a point somewhere past Monte's left shoulder while a slow smile emerged and Monte bit back his grin. Yep, Adam was definitely a goner. Knowing Adam, he would need to work it out inside his head but his heart had already sealed the deal. Monte drank the rest of his coffee and banged the mug down.
"Well, thanks for the lunch, buddy. And give my best regards to Sauli. When is he coming back again ?" Monte asked as he gathered his stuff.
"Twenty seven days, six hours and forty minutes." Adam glared at his friend, his stupid heterosexual married friend who couldn't understand the elementary basics of the freak-out that automatically descends on a gay man who knows the timetables of obscure european airlines by heart. Monte grinned, waved and left. Adam's tea was cold and who would he talk to now ? The girls were probably still hiccuping from laughing themselves silly. Neil was out of the question because he would start laughing at the first glimpse of his face. Not all married people could be as unhelpful as Monte..

"What is it with all you straight guys today ?" Adam threw his hands up and nearly knocked the wine glass over. He glared at Kris.
"This is serious shit, you know. I have to make a decision here one way or another but everybody just looks at me like I've lost my mind !" Kris nodded and moved the wine glass a bit further away from Adam.
"I don't think you've lost your mind, yet. But you are thinking yourself into a mess, my friend and you really know better." Kris waited a bit but Adam kept staring sullenly at the wine glass. Sullen wasn't a good look on him and Kris couldn't wait to change it.
"So, being with Sauli is easy breezy and that's somehow bad ?" Adam gave him a horrified look and Kris shrugged.
"This is my straight eye for a queer guy, so shut up and take it." He smiled at the way Adam shuddered and pushed the wine back at him.
"Why wouldn't it be easy ? You like him and he likes you back, right ? That sounds like a really nice thing. At some point in time that would have been enough for you, am I right ?" Adam started to speak but nodded instead, taking a sip of his wine first.
"It's not enough anymore and that's what scares the shit out of me. I want more, Kris. I..feel like I could have more with him and I'm terrified of how much I want it." A silence swirled around the men for a minute like the wine in Adam's glass.
"You feel it, so it's true. " Kris raised his hand to stop the protests he knew were on the way and whoa, it actually silenced Adam.
"You know you can't be happy unless you let your heart decide. As much as you think everything through, you still go with your heart. You know this, Adam. Tell me about this guy." Kris leaned back and studied his friend as Adam sighed.
"He's a boy made of spun sugar and spices." Adam smiled to himself, a little ruefully. Kris thought it sounded like a song and said so. Adam nodded.
"He's the only one I'll sing it to."
"Good for you." They smiled and clinked their glasses together.

Twenty seven days, one hour and seventeen minutes.

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Ohdamn... This is so cute. I can't stop laughing how Adam's freaking out. lmao

Always overthinking, yeah. Thank you for reading and commenting !

So adorable! <3

I hope you write what happens after 27 days 1 hour and 17 minutes ;)

I might have a couple ideas for later, we'll see !

Sugar is essential nourishment for the brain !

Ah, this is the first Sauli fic I've read. I wonder if this really is how Adam feels? Nice dynamic with Monte and with Kris.

A virgin ! Hope it didn't scare you off..

I think this is the best Saulific I've read so far. So sweet and funny. Thank you! And yeah, it would be great if we got a sequel!

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