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Fic: The leftovers

Fic: The leftovers
Author: sixona
Rating: R
Summary: Let me out of this dream
Disclaimer: Not real and not mine
Pairing: adam/sauli



"One more." Adam dutifully added coffee to the machine.

"And one more." He raised an eyebrow at the blonde on the other side of the counter. Sauli made shooing motions with his hand and Adam dropped more coffee in and closed the lid quickly. Sauli snorted.

"Any more and I'd be bouncing off the walls. Unless...that's what you were trying for ?" Adam threw a mock glare at Sauli who grinned. And flopped down from his seat and rounded the counter and burrowed into Adam's chest. Adam wrapped his arms around the perfect armfull of a boy and smiled into the soft blond hair. Sauli's words were a warm moist yawn against his neck.

"Nah, no bouncing in the kitchen. Not this early anyway." Sauli lifted his gaze up.

"What's happening today ?" He didn't like the way Adam's face fell as the taller man answered.

"I have to go to work, I'm afraid. Maybe Dani can take you shopping or..not ?" Adam frowned as Sauli shook his head emphatically. Blue stared at blue for a minute until the blonde sighed.

"C'mon, we gotta talk about this." Sauli pushed Adam gently towards the living room and the couch. Adam went with shaky legs and a growing knot of terror in his gut, fumbling at the throw pillows and pulling one protectively onto his lap. If his worst fears were about to come true, he'd need something to bawl into. Sauli sat facing him on the couch and looked from the pillow to the anxious blue eyes.

"Adam, I'm not mad at you. You have your work and that's fine. And it really is time you let my feet touch the ground, you know ?" Sauli didn't sound mad and he smiled and kept on tugging at the pillow until Adam's fingers loosened their grip and Sauli threw the pillow away and climbed onto Adam's lap.

"What do you mean ?" Adam was still a little wary as he searched Sauli's face and his eyes for clues. This was the very first time they'd come to having words - no, this wasn't really even that, but it still made his heartbeat a little stuttery.

"I mean...this, what we've been doing all the times we've spent together, has been amazing. Paris. Bora Bora. Well, even being here in LA. It's allways a party or a holiday or a show to see or..something. And really, baby, who lives that way ?" Sauli kept his voice low and held onto Adam's hand. For some reason Adam was still stiff and unnaturally silent and Sauli hoped that he hadn't stepped over some invisible line here. But he had to get through to this silly, wonderful idiot the sooner the better. He looked into the sky blue eyes and smiled. Adam's gaze followed the smile and their lips met in a slow, sweet greeting. A deep sigh escaped from Adam and he relaxed into the kiss, the panic dissipating. Sauli caressed his lovers face and pulled back a little.

"Was it really that obvious ?" Sauli nodded and Adam tightened his arms around his treasure.

"I don't need to be flying high the whole time, Adam. That's not real. It's not gonna last. This is real, making coffee in the morning and leaving for work and coming home to warm the leftovers and I'm gonna be here, Adam.." Sauli kisses him again, harder this time and wraps his arms around his neck and really holds him. It feels glorious and the stubble burn is going to be glowing but Adam doesn't care.

"..I'm gonna be here 'cause I never want to be anywhere else." He looks a little startled at his own words then and it's so damn scary and funny at the same time that Adam has to grin from ear to ear. Which earns him a glare and a snort-huff sound. Adam stops all the sounds with his mouth and the coffee maker sputters forgotten in the kitchen as the morning grows into a fine new day.

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*melts* Awwww...just lovely. I've been wanting some Sauli/Adam. Brave of you to jump in. I haven't been able to get enough of a feel for Sauli yet to make the leap.

Go on, jump right in. After all, it's not that deep..:)

=] yay Adam & Sauli! They're cute - nice job. I've got a Sauli-heavy fic coming up myself and I'm too anxious to get started.

I'm sure you'll do fine once you get started !

This is so cute!! I love domestic fic! Short and sweet! <33

Thank you ! I like those little everyday moments, too.

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