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Fic: Reaping the rewards

Title: Reaping the rewards
Author: sixona
Pairing: adam/sauli
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue me.
Summary: Flirting is like breathing to some, they can't help it.


"Are you sure you're ok with it ?"

Sauli smiled at Adam.

"I'm sure." Adam looked out of the window but turned back with a sigh.

"I tried to keep it casual but some of those guys really came on strong and.." Sauli stopped him with a finger on his lips.

"I know, I saw it. And it's fine, really. Wanna know why ?" Adam nodded.

"Because they can want you but they can't have you. Because I know who is taking you home. I know who you belong to." Adam bit his lip to keep his moan in. The look in Sauli's eyes was raw hunger and possession. The blond leaned closer in the back seat of the cab.

"Tonight I need you to show me who I belong to. Show it to me hard. Make me feel it.."

Adam was trembling , his cock leaking precum into his jeans. Sauli pressed a hand against the bulge.

"Make me scream tonight, Adam. I need it, need what's mine." The cab pulled up at the hotel and Adam hauled his man out in record time. He thrust some bills at the doormans hand.

"Take care of the cab, ok ?" He didn't hear or care what the answer was, the only thing on his mind was to get behind a locked door with Sauli as soon as possible. In the elevator he pushed the other man into a corner and retreated to the other one, staring at the numbers as Sauli's floor came closer. Sauli didn't move, didn't say a word - he knew that when Adam got to this point, he wouldn't stop until he took what he needed. He knew tonight he'd scream.

The door of the hotelroom clicked shut and all Sauli heard was a low growl before he was flat on his back on the bed, the taller man standing between his spread legs, staring down at him. Sauli licked his lips and spread his legs wider, pushing his hips up. Adam drew in a shaky breath and attacked his lover's beltbuckle. The jeans were tight but Adam knew how to undress a man.

Naked, panting, the leaking cock hard up against his belly, all Adam saw in the blond was raw sex and need. Adam dropped his own belt and pushed his hand in. Sauli's eyes glued onto the hand that was slowly moving beneath the fabric. He whimpered.

"Lube ?" Adam's voice was shot, no more than a grunt. Sauli's throat was dry from need. He shook his head and spread himself wide, silently begging. Adam pulled his cock out and Sauli threw his head back and mewled.

"Fuck ! Look at you.." Adam grabbed the blond's ankles and pulled him to the edge of the bed. He wet two of his fingers in his mouth and pressed them against the pink, puckered hole. He shoved them in hard. Sauli's moan throbbed in his cock.

"You'd take me raw like this, you'd take it and beg for more.."

"Take me, do it, Adam please please.." Sauli pushed himself onto the fingers that were mercilessly plunging into him. Adam had put on a rubber and pulled his fingers out. Before the hole closed, he was in and drove deeper with every thrust. Sauli squirmed beneath him, driving himself closer, desperate for more and deeper. He wrapped his legs around Adam, hooking them onto the jeans that Adam still had on and surged up, impaling himself. He grunted and mewled and Adam lost himself in the heat of the tight hole around his aching cock. He pushed them both higher on the bed and pounded into Sauli so hard the bed moved sideways and pushed a lamp off the nightstand. Neither man noticed.

"Fuck me, fuck, fuck...ah-ah-ah..." Sauli screamed as his climax crashed through him. Adam saw and felt the extatic eruption and buried himself as deep as he could, coming instantly. He collapsed onto the panting man beneath him. Sauli took a couple of deep breaths and slapped Adam's shoulder.

"Move, let me breathe..." Adam pushed himself up, pulled out and dropped down to the floor. He laughed breathlessly and Sauli peered over the edge at him.

"If..flirting with other guys..gets me this every time..." Adam panted but Sauli shook his head.

"You wish ! Race ya to the shower !" Adam waved him off and wondered why there was a lamp under the bed.

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UNF !!!

thanks for sharing!

Thank you for reading !

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